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Camera Inspection Solution


Utilize The Discovery Camera Inspection System to improve your CCTV needs! This robust tractor system has an expansive range of attachments to take a 6" crawler and size it up to 72" Diameter with up to 1,650' of cable! Need larger? Simply detach the camera and perform a walk through. Too much water? Try The S.S. Sewer Seeker attachment to float your boat! Odd Shapes? Use the Elliptical Kit. Want smaller? We even have a 4" unit available. Want more options? Add an Alien Probe for Inspecting Laterals, A sonar for Location, A Cyclopes Scanner for Realtime Ovality, and much more! With the Discovery System your options are endless! 



Explore The Hard To Reach

Starting off in 4" diameters, this steerable Explorer Micro can scale up to 12"




With ranges of 6" to 72" diameters, this Steerable Explorer is Challenge Ready!



Endless Options

Explore your Options! From S.S. Sewer Seeker to Lateral Probe the attachments are endless!


Steerable Crawling Solution For Pipe Sizes 4"-12"

Explorer Micro

Steerable Crawling Solution For Pipe Sizes 6"-72"


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Explore endless solutions!


Scan Around

Cyclops Scanner

Real-time scan the ovality of your pipe for size changes in the DigiCan Software. Also available is a locating Sonar!

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Odd Size

Not Everything is Round

The Elliptical Kit allows your Explorer to stay balanced and centered in your pipe Journey!

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Set Sail

The S.S. Sewer Seeker allows you to go with the flow

Insert the camera into the boat dock and set sail down your pipe for inspection.

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Alien Probe

Sometimes you have to Explore a lateral

The Alien Probe attachment is a great solution for lateral inspection from the Mainline.

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