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E-revolution made in Germany

Decades of experience in milling robots has paved the way for the Climbolino®E house connection robot.

The milling robot was specially developed for present-day conditions in sewer rehabilitation. Featuring a powerful electric milling spindle, plus exceptional bending capabilities and multi-dimensional functionality, the service connection robot has truly revolutionized sewer rehabilitation.

  • The revolution for 2.5 Inch to 12 Inch

  • Powerful electric milling spindle with max. 1 kw

  • Extremely low noise emission

  • 60 V battery operation

  • 12″ LED display for stress-free work

  • 100' hose reel, extendible

  • Every camera angle adjustable

  • Compact hygienic hose box

  • 90% energy saving compared to conventional milling robots


One Robot for 2.5" to 12"

Customer Service

Fast, convenient and straightforward – always ready to help you.


Made from special stainless steel


12” LED display, razor-sharp image, perfect in daylight

Highest Quality

100% quality control with incoming and outgoing inspections


ISO monitor for greater protection against moisture


Practical, ergonomic and compact

Practical, ergonomic and compact

12.25" x 20" x 41.5" (L x W x H) 124 LBS Divisible into three parts by means of quick-release connectors Large air-filled wheels Ergonomically adapted handles

Attachments for every application

Attachments for every application

High-tech PCD milling tools Milling tools with carbide granules Tried and tested diamond tools High-speed steel (HSS) tools Wire and abrasive tools .

Perfect view and monitoring

Perfect view and monitoring

12” LED display Optimal view even in daylight Infinitely variable speed One-handed joystick operation Proportional control

Independent power supply

Independent power supply

56 V rechargeable batteries Extremely powerful battery 12 Ah/216 Wh Exchangeable batteries for prolonged use Up to two hours of battery life No auto-discharge, no memory effect

Everything to hand

Everything to hand

Industrial quality, brand-name tools Protected in the unit Always at the job site Space for three milling tools Washable foam insert

Powerful unit

Powerful unit

High-performance membrane dryer Three pre-filter stages (coarse, medium, fine) Visible marker for wear limit Automatic condensate separator Components from premium manufacturers



milling iron

bend mobility


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