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CCTV Inspection

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The most modern equipment for pipe monitoring from the producer IBOS represents an effective instrument for investigation of pipe condition and prevention of emergency situations. On the basis of the monitoring result you can effectively plan the investment into the renovation of pipe system. You can choose from the variety of equipment for monitoring. From push camera Comet, which is designed for house pipes, up to the highly-developed system Discovery, which you can use as a mobile version or as a built-out in a Ford Transit or Connect type layout.

Discovery, The self-propelled system has more features compared to portable systems. The equipment can lift the camera head and turn it into different angles. You can measure Defects, with help of the lasers find out the pipe ovality, cracks and deformations of pipes. Signal from the camera is transferred via cable to monitor in the vehicle, where it is evaluated by operators.

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The Push Camera Collection

From the Comet Nano capable of 1.5" diameters to the Shooting Star reaching to 12" diameters with 328' of rod.



Comfort X Design

 This Powerful Command Unit is available as a portable, Portable-PC, or Built-In Console.

Works with Comet & Discovery



Transport In Style

Ranges of 4" - 72" with reels up to 1,650' of cable. This versatile Crawler is ready for any obstacle in its path.

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